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Currently I am part-time faculty at Ohio Wesleyan University. I discovered my love of teaching while working towards my MFA at Florida Atlantic University, and I have been very fortunate to continue to grow and develop as an educator in the past few years. My acting courses are based in the fundamentals of the Stanislavski system and the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. I have experience with the Linklater and Fitzmaurice vocal methodologies, the International Phonetic Alphabet and its application to vocal work, and I have served as a dialect coach to productions at OWU. I also have experience teaching introductory level courses and higher level dramatic literature courses as well. I hope to continue to learn and grow as an educator, and I am excited to continue to have a positive effect on the lives of students in the future!



Lecturer, Ohio Wesleyan University
Department of Theatre & Dance (June 2019-Present)


INSTRUCTOr, Ohio Wesleyan University
Department of Theatre & Dance (2014-Present):

Beginning Acting, THEA 210

This course is designed to be an introduction to theatrical acting and performance techniques. The course will be based in learning the fundamental tools of acting and acting analysis, and then applying those tools towards the creation of an action-oriented performance process. The course will make the student a more perceptive and open observer of human behavior and interaction. The Stanislavksi and Michael Chekhov Acting Techniques form the basis of the approach to acting in this course.

The Art of Theatre, THEA 101

This course is designed to help students gain both an understanding and an appreciation of the development and importance of the world of Theatre through study and practice of the craft itself.

Effective Communication, THEA 110

This course is designed to be an introduction to skills that will allow the student to become a more capable, clear, and effective communicator. The course will be concerned not only with coherent and clear exchange of information, but with active listening, nonverbal communication, and emotional awareness, all of which are vital communication skills. Through thorough understanding and use of these skills, students will discover how effective communication can improve many aspects of their day-to-day experience, both professionally and personally.

Western Drama to the Year 1700, THEA 351/ENG 342

This course is designed to be an in-depth examination of theatrical trends, play scripts, performance and production techniques, and relevant historical context during the time period that stretches from roughly 500 BCE to the year 1700 CE. To make this vast expanse of history understandable in the context of the world of Theatre, we will read a wide variety of plays from authors who will provide us with precise views and chronicles of their times, and view several films that will allow us to see how these older forms of Theatre are interpreted today.

American Drama and Theatre, THEA 341

This course intends to foster an understanding and appreciation for American theatrical history by tracing the development of theatre literature and the evolution of theatre practices in the country. Special emphasis will be placed on the work and events of theatre history after 1900.

The OWU Experience, UC 160 

  • Academic Advisor to students

  • Led workshop on Theatre of the Oppressed for OWU pilot program: Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Bridge Program, Fall 2018 & Fall 2019

  • Faculty partner for pilot program: Camp OWU-Challenge Camp, Fall 2017

  • Led workshops on The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique that involved students at all levels of Acting/Dance experience at Ohio Wesleyan and Otterbein University

  • Faculty advisor to OWU’s Ohio Alpha Chapter of Theta Alpha Phi, the National Theatre Honorary Fraternity, and Babbling Bishops Improv Comedy Group

  • Regularly hosts prospective students in classes and attends Admissions luncheons

  • Regular chaperone for Department trip to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival

  • Responder for KCACTF Region II

Associated Faculty, The Ohio State University- Marion (August 2019-Present)

Introduction to Theatre, THEA 2100

Instructor, Performing Arts Community Class Program, Point Park University (2012-2013)

Fundamentals of Shakespeare

Adjunct Professor, Florida Atlantic University Department of Theatre & Dance (2009-2011)

Acting One

Bradford Sadler

Phone: 412-443-0134     E-mail:       Website:  


Texas Theatre Journal, Volume 13, Issue 1, 2017, pgs. 118-119:

Book Review of Acting in the Academy: The History of Professional Actor Training in U.S. Higher Education, by Peter Zazzali


mfa, theatre (acting) 2011

Florida Atlantic University

ba, cum laude, theatre (performance) and English, 2005

Ohio Wesleyan University


certified teacher of the michael chekov technique, june 2015

Kent State University and The Great Lakes Michael Chekov Consortium

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