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My name is Bradford Sadler, and I am a professional theatre practitioner and educator. I use the abilities that have brought me to success in both of those realms to benefit clients who would like to polish their own skills.

I would be happy to help you improve your abilities in any of these areas:

Have you ever been fascinated by a dialect or new way of speaking that you have heard from someone?
Have you ever wanted to see if you could do it yourself, and turn this interest into a strength for your work on stage or screen?
Or have you become aware that your own natural way of speaking has some elements to it that you would rather not be there?

You’re in luck! I can help you with:

  • Learning tools for both your eyes and ears

  • Understanding dialect sound substitutions

  • Identifying your own natural point of resonance

  • Finding the proper point of resonance for dialects that you are interested in

  • Examination and adjustment of your own natural way of speaking

I have performed and/or coached performance of these dialects: British RP, Contemporary London, Manchester, Scottish, German, Australian, Northern Irish, Southern Irish, Russian, American Southern, and Swahili. I know the tools to help you with these and many more.

I look forward to collaborating with you!

Do you want to improve your performance abilities, but lack a consistent way to get feedback and objectively improve?
Have you always wanted to deal with a performance coach who was entirely invested in helping you to become the actor that you want to be?


You’re in luck! I can help you with:

  • Selecting Strong Audition Material

  • Monologue Coaching

  • Audition Scenario Run Throughs

  • Scene Work

  • Learning New Performance Techniques

  • Understanding and performing Shakespeare and other Classical Texts (A specialty!)

Right now is a great time to practice your Acting skills so you can feel confident that you will impress in your next round of auditions (whenever those may be)!

Public Speaking
public speaking
Did you know that Public Speaking is one of the biggest fears of a huge percentage of the population?
Sometimes even performers themselves struggle with effective public speaking, because they are no longer portraying a character!


Here are just a few of the areas in which I can help you improve your Public Speaking abilities:

  • Preparation

  • Managing Performance Anxiety/Stage Fright

  • Breath Control

  • Vocal Projection

  • Vocal Flexibility

  • Vocal Clarity

  • Ordering your Thoughts and Presentation

  • Performance Practice Partner

  • Skillful Use of Humor and Eye Contact

  • Improvisation and Thinking on Your Feet

After we work together, before you know it, you will be able to turn what once felt like a huge hurdle into an area of success! You will be much more prepared to speak and present in front of groups of all shapes and sizes!

Interpersonal Skills
Let’s talk Interpersonal Skills!

That term is certainly very broad indeed, and can cover a lot of areas.


Here are just a few of the skills that I can help you improve for yourself:

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Interview Practice Partner

  • Active Listening Skills

  • Vocal Projection and Clarity Skills

  • Understanding Body Language

  • Skillful Improvisation

If you want to polish these interpersonal abilities, I am here to help! Reach out and let me know how I can assist you!


Reach out and let me know how I can assist you!


We’ll talk about your goals, a price you’re comfortable with, and an individualized plan for your success!


“Dialects/accents are my biggest weakness as a performer. I never thought I'd be able to do them, and I expressed that to Brad while working on a production together. What made Brad such a great resource was his supportive yet determined personality and mindset. He immediately cuts through your insecurities (without invalidating them) and encourages you to "just do it". Goal oriented, Brad asks what you want to get out of this experience and how far you are willing to go, letting you know that he is always up for a challenge, as long as you are too. I have worked with Brad on productions that involved dialects, both as an actor and director, and I have seen first hand the level care and value that he places on his work. Incredibly polite and diligent, his first concern is always the actors, making sure they feel confident enough in their ability to be successful, without sparing a high standard of excellence.”

– Ares Harper


“Brad is an incredibly dedicated educator who communicates constructive feedback clearly and positively. He always encouraged me to tackle difficult areas head-on, never making me feel less than when I hit a bump or two. He is approachable, genuine, and confident. It is my pleasure to recommend Brad!”    

-- Maddie Oslejsek


“Brad is extremely comfortable to work with. Where one might expect criticism, there is open dialogue and exploration. The opportunity to feel at ease and free to play, while being encouraged to make strong choices about characterization is extremely refreshing. Being both challenged and treated as an equal partner in creative work is a rarity and a privilege. Feel no apprehension in working with Brad!”        

-- Kaitlin A. Kerr


“Brad was exceptionally skilled at recognising personality traits and using effective teaching methods to channel positive energy into the creative process. He is approachable yet steady and as such, is an incredible resource to learn from. Having personally dealt with Brad over the course of several months for an intermediary level college course, I can safely say that anyone who utilises his services will find a wonderful teacher and a great human.”        

 -- Sarim Rahim


“Brad is an approachable and patient teacher. He is skilled in helping people communicate more effectively.I highly recommend him for his acting and dialect coaching.”   

 -- Khayyam Zubair


“Brad is a skilled, insightful, collaborative, generous acting coach. He helped me prepare a Shakespearean monologue for an audition, and his insight into the text paired with his extensive knowledge of vocal and movement techniques helped me explore the piece and the character in ways I hadn't before. His background in the Michael Chekhov movement technique gives him (and his students) access to a myriad of generative visual and physical keys to unlock the work in new and exciting ways. He is patient and kind, and will adjust to your needs to help you reach your goals and create continually better work. I highly recommend working with him in any capacity!”

-- Julia Fisher

“Brad is a knowledgeable teacher with a practical method that takes you step by step from where you are to where you want to be, and what's more than that, he's a compassionate teacher--not only will he celebrate your victories with you, he'll encourage you when you're struggling with yourself. If you need a teacher who will work with you, who will be patient with you, who will encourage you rather than pressure you and help you rather than demand you help yourself, Brad's going to be who you want.” 

-- Emmerson Bonnema


“Brad Sadler’s class was an invaluable part of my college career. Brad made connections between principles of theater to principles of public speaking to principles of life in ways that he is uniquely qualified to do. I came away from his course with a heightened understanding of effective vocal action, storytelling, and clarity of communication, and I am a far better communicator because of him!”  

-- Cassandra Berres

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